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A denture reline is a procedure used to adjust or reshape the tissue of your denture to provide a better fit. Some patients will need their dentures replaced more often than others because of tooth loss, natural changes in the mouth, or other issues such as illness. If your dentures become loose and uncomfortable to wear, a reline may be recommended. The fit of your dentures is important to your oral health. If the fit is improper, it could lead to gum irritation, mouth pain, and difficulty chewing. During your appointment, a dentist will check your denture and determine if a reline is needed. 

Benefits of Getting Dentures Relined

In general, individuals who are looking to have their dentures relined are doing so because their existing dentures need to be repaired. While that may sound minor, it is actually quite important in order to avoid future issues. The following are some of the most common benefits of denture relining:

  • Improved fit - Getting your dentures relined will ensure they fit perfectly against your gums and jawbones once again. This means you will not have to deal with any slippage or discomfort when wearing them. Your dentures will again feel completely natural, and you can smile with confidence while wearing them.
  • Prevent further damage to your mouth - If your dentures do not fit properly, they can begin to rub against the soft tissues of your mouth and cause damage. This can cause painful sores to develop in your mouth and along your gum line. By getting your dentures relined, you can ensure this does not happen in the future.
  • Eliminate any existing infections - Over time, it is possible for bacteria to build up in your dentures, which can cause inflammation of the gums and infection. Having your dentures relined will help remove these bacteria and help keep you healthy.
  • Save time and money - Keeping your dentures maintained through regular repairs and cleanings can save you major headaches down the road. Failing to get the necessary repairs done to your dentures can lead to needing new dentures much sooner than you would have otherwise.

When Should You Reline Your Dentures?

A denture reline is important when your current denture doesn’t fit as snuggly as it once did or when you notice changes in your mouth’s structure affecting how it fits. Your mouth will naturally change shape over time as a result of aging and gradual bone resorption. If you don’t wear your dentures regularly, they may need to be refitted for a new fit after you’ve stopped wearing your dentures for a period of time.

If a denture reline is necessary, your dentist may recommend you have an oral exam before scheduling an appointment for a denture reline. This exam will help the dentist determine how to best adjust your denture for a comfortable and precise fit.

Same-day Denture Relines

A dental reline is a procedure that is performed to reshape the underside of a denture to make them fit in the mouth more securely. At Allisonville Dental Centre, we offer same-day denture relining service to our patients at our dental office. We have an on-site lab that creates custom dentures and does denture relines in as little as one day.

Your dentures are custom-fit to your jaw and gums, but changes in your gum and bone structure can affect the way your dentures fit. Over time, you might notice that your dentures are becoming loose or no longer fitting properly. A denture reline is the process of adjusting and refitting the denture base to your gums and bone structure by using a soft material called denture putty. This is a non-invasive procedure that can restore the comfort and fit of your denture in just one appointment! 

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